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Our Green Scene

From our gardens, hedgerows, poultry and veg patch -
Apples, plums, blackberries, figs, pears, wild garlic, bitter cherries, elder flowers, sloes, the odd hazel nut, hens, ducks and quail eggs, rhubarb, courgettes, strawberries.


The greenhouse will be joined sometime this year by the newly repaired
220-year-old “peach house” . Barry is working hard to get this up and
running - a vine is established already!


The surrounding panorama of green scenery, woodlands and pastureland, inspire us all. Whether we wheelbarrow to the compost heap, star gaze, bird watch or help feed and care for animals…..


We buy local produce, support our church, village, wider community,
the fur and feather market, animal feed merchant and  the many
local independent shops and eateries .


Caring for and respecting the environment, we compost food waste,

recycle everything, are great at re-using and re-purposing, we cannot throw anything away!


Eco towels, washing lines, airers, eco cleaning materials, eco light bulbs, double glazing, bike storage and wind breaks, all are provided!


Though with only 3 buses a week and no pavements, we can’t recommend public transport……

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