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2023 is here!

2023 is upon us now; wow! a new beginning and a year which sees us having managed, manned, loved and cared for Torridge House Cottages for over 36 years. Us is Barry, Barbara, Laura and Andy, guided by Debbie and supported by our marvellous housekeeping team.

Over these years we have been lucky to have enjoyed the remarkable part of the county of Devon which is centred on the river Torridge, and most especially the incredible, small, historically community focused, village of Little Torrington, until very recently a farming only parish.

It is here that Torridge House Cottages is in a prime position overlooking a hidden stretch of the Torridge Valley and beyond, with glorious panoramic views stretching from due north all the way round to due south. We can see farmland, distant farmsteads, a church or two and on the horizon of the silhouette of Exmoor.

Wide open skies crown these stunning landscapes, skies which at night give stars a darkness for a brilliant show.

You’ll see no signs to Torridge House Cottages, not even in Little Torrington; we prefer the anonymity of a private farm lane, one that once led to a Hocking’s family dairy farm. Neither are we on and such places. Direct friendly contact with guests and prospective guests is what we like. We rely on recommendations, returning guests (many achieving 10 plus, even 20 years) and some gentle internet advertising. Over the past 35 years and onward we have pursued our goals of creating very good quality cottages with service and hospitality to match.

Years of careful stewardship, our own labour and simple lifestyle find us in the happy position to be able to keep our prices to a minimum. This is in no way at the expense of quality accommodation, or of the experience, or of being somewhere far and away from everyday modern life, a setting of tranquillity and as has even been said, magic! Who indeed, could not find magic in such surroundings, or in cuddling a fluffy rabbit, chatting to a guinea pig or feeding enthusiastic pigs or the joy of being privy to the gymnastic lives of mice?

All this is set alongside neighbouring pastures, and even some woodland – Never Be Good Wood! – is at the far end of our grass and wilded meadow.

Happy 2023 from us, rabbits, piggies, cats and all....

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Ben Hudson
Ben Hudson
Jan 24, 2023

Looking forward to visiting in May! It's always such a treat. Happy New year :) Ben & family


Jan 04, 2023

Thank you Barbara for this lovely blog, it has stirred many Happy Memories for Jan & myself. We really hope we can find an opportunity to come and stay with you this year. Stay safe & take care X

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