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More About Our Animal Feeding During C-19

We have two buildings with small animals. These both have space for social distancing.

One of the animal houses has little chairs and a large low table where children can hold and watch the animals, older children can sit anywhere with an animal. This house has 8 animal pens. Children are given little beakers with animal food and handfuls of hay to take to their designated pen(s). They can fill jugs to fill water bowls.

The other animal house has a large pen where children who can sit still, can sit on small stools to watch and be with the animals.  There is also chairs in the house where children can sit with an animal. Feeding and water also in this room.

The hens lay eggs in three different places, probably more if we could find where in the banks and hedges! Our quails lay eggs in 3 different pens. We feed the ducks and chickens when we let them out in the mornings. Children are given margarine tubs of corn or pellets. They can either broadcast the feed or hold pots down for the birds to eat out of. This naturally takes place well apart as there are lots of birds. Hand washing facilities are in the animal rooms & by the chicken houses. During C-19 when we have more than 4 children and their parents we will introduce rotas as well as splitting feeding between two houses and sharing out other tasks like egg collecting, hosing chicken houses and paths.

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