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Torridge House Cottages: Conditions of Booking


1.  No booking is valid unless confirmation has been issued on receipt of minimum 1/3rd deposit of the total holiday cost.

2.  When a booking is made you agree to pay the total cottage rental.  If you cancel you are still liable to pay any outstanding balance. You must make your own arrangements for holiday cancellation insurance cover.

3.  Whilst all bookings are accepted by us in good faith, in the extremely unlikely event of any occurrence making it necessary to cancel the booking, our liability shall be limited to the immediate return of all monies paid.  Should it be necessary for us to alter any booking, liability will be limited to the offer of alternative accommodation of a similar type or value or else return of monies paid.

4.  When you make a booking you confirm that you are over 18 years old, that you accept full responsibility for all persons who will use the property during the period booked and that you have read and understood and agree to the conditions of booking on behalf of all the people in the party.

5.  We reserve the right to refuse bookings on any reasonable grounds.


6. Full payment is due if your holiday commences within the next 55 days, Balances need to be paid at least 52 days before the start date, failing which the accommodation will be offered for resale.  No reminders will be sent out for balance payments due. If you cancel a booking you will still have to pay the outstanding balance.  We make every effort to resell cancelled weeks; if we can resell we return monies paid. Re-sales are not always possible so we strongly recommend cancellation insurance be taken out to cover this liability.

7.  If you cancel a booking for any reason you must notify us in writing.  Any change of date or accommodation requested may have to be considered as a cancellation and a new booking if a confirmed resale of the original booking cannot be achieved.

Your Accommodation

8. You are responsible for the property and expected to take all reasonable care of it.  You agree to leave it and the equipment and utensils, clean and tidy at the end of your stay.  You also agree to pay reasonable costs incurred making good loss, damage and excessive amounts of cleaning caused by you or anyone or any animal accompanying you.  You agree that you will report damage immediately.

9. Arrival and departure times at other times are 3pm and 10am.

10.  The cottages (ie all accommodation), outbuildings and animal houses are strictly NO SMOKING.

11.  We reserve the right to enter the property at any necessary or agreed time to effect emergency repairs or resolve problems.

12.  Charging an electric vehicle from a cottage or outbuilding socket, is for a variety highly valid reasons, strictly prohibited at Torridge House Cottages.

13. If you use our Wi-Fi you are agreeing that you will not use it for any illegal purpose.

14. The towels provided are for use in the cottage only. Please bring your own towels for beach and pool.
Separate towels can be provided for those using indelible sun lotions, tanning and cosmetic products. Please ask.
15.  Where a pet is accepted we depend on you to keep your pet under strict control at all times, not to leave it alone in the property at any time or allow it on furniture or beds, to keep dogs on a lead in the grounds, except for controlled exercise in our designated area, to pick up pet droppings; also to realise that dogs cannot join us at feeding times.  Dog walking/exercising locally is limited to on-lead walking in the village.   Off lead exercise is a car ride away.  Please bring your own pet basket or cage.
16. We reserve the right to ask you to leave, terminating your stay without compensation if:-
  i)  More people or pets than specified on the confirmation attempt to take up occupation.
  ii)  Overnight guests are entertained without our express permission
  iii)  You significantly change the makeup of the party during the duration of your stay in the accommodation.
  iv)  You or any members of your party are considered to be causing a nuisance or not treating the property with
      proper respect or you are otherwise not meeting the obligations required by these Conditions of Booking.
17.  If you use a log stove you must at all times use a fire guard close up in front of the fire.  If the fireguard supplied is damaged or lost, another must be obtained from the Torridge House before the fire may be lit.

18.  The use of all amenities are entirely at your risk and no responsibility can be accepted for the death or personal injury to you or any member of your party or loss or damage to your personal property.
19.  The swimming pool is unattended; children under 16 years must be supervised by a competent adult.  Other reasonable safety and courtesy rules also apply such as no china or glass in the pool area, no diving.  Rules are displayed at the poolside.

20. Visitors must behave in a responsible way with the animals and be careful and thoughtful in their presence.  Responsible adult supervision of children appropriate to the children’s level of understanding must be exercised at all times. Farm health hazards even for the under 5s, are easily dealt with by simple hygiene precautions, so good hand and footwear hygiene and following the commonsense HSE advice in your cottage is required.  By making a booking you agree to this and all the other conditions and accept that you are happy for all in your party to be in an animal environment and that responsible adults will exercise due control and hygiene management.
21.  Every effort is made to ensure that facilities offered are available, but we reserve the right, in the event of circumstances beyond our control, to withdraw facilities.
   Torridge House Cottages
   Little Torrington, Devon EX388PS  

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