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Not sure what our cottages will really be like? Read on....

"Authentic farm cottages with a modern touch, fresh and bright, really well maintained and outstandingly clean!"

During these most unusual times we have been thrilled to welcome both many new families and couples, as well as many returning guests.

Without exception they have all spoken extremely highly of our cottages and the atmosphere created by the gardens, pool and our menagerie of delightful animals who welcome all to help feed and cuddle them – well not the pigs so much, food, yes, the occasional back scratch with a long handled broom, yes, but cuddles, no, definitely not!

New to our animal team this year is Young Mr Goose. A most accommodating bird, he likes to be with people and shows remarkable interest in all the other creatures. We are not even sure whether he is Mr Goose, only time and an egg will tell us differently. However, he is an elegant bird showing a kindly and charming disposition.

With so much space, both in (7/9) cottages and the gardens, Torridge House Cottages have always been a sort after choice for holidays, but especially so now in these challenging times. Gardens surrounded by beautiful countryside, fields and panoramic vistas of valleys, farmland, woodland and moors are just what we all need.

It has been interesting to hear from guests here for the first time as they have told that walking into their cottages had dispelled any worries they had about whether the cottage would be a disappointment. It appears that my website photos don’t always make clear how freshly presented and kept up to date, from paintwork to equipment, how pristine, light and how modern and smell-free the cottages in reality are.

Clearly something we must work on….

Take care everyone, and if we can help with any questions, please let me know.


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1 Comment

Sep 07, 2020

We had our first and won‘t be last visit this year, we can’t recommend the cottages highly enough. They are so well equipped with everything you would need, they were very homely, clean & very comfortable. My 3 year old granddaughter still asks to see the animals, we created so many lasting memories at Torridge House and hope to go back

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