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Green Into 2021

Happy New Year!

I've never really realised how "Green" we are naturally; countryside, trees and all we have to offer, so here we go: -

Our Green Scene

From our gardens, hedgerows, poultry and veg patch -

Apples, plums, blackberries, figs, pears, wild garlic, bitter cherries, elder flowers, sloes, a few hazel nuts, hens, ducks and quail eggs, rhubarb, courgettes and strawberries.

The greenhouse will be joined this year by the 220-year-old “peach house” Barry is repairing, a vine is planted already!

Not forgetting the wide-open green scenery around us, with which our guests can be deeply involved! Taking wheelbarrows to the muck heap, star gazing, bird watching and helping feed, care and muck out for our animals…..

We buy local vegetables, sausages and meats, we support our village church, are deeply involved in the village and wider community, we support the local fur and feather market and local independent shops and animal feed merchant. The history of Little Torrington is important to us.

We compost food waste, recycle everything, are great at re-using and re-purposing!

For essentials we provide

Eco towels, washing lines, airers, eco cleaning materials, eco light bulbs, double glazing, bike storage and wind breaks!

With only 3 buses a week we can’t recommend public transport……

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