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Easter 2022 and We've Sprung into Spring!

Torridge House has Sprung into Spring…..

The wonder of new life…….

Fruitfulness is all about us at the moment.

We’ve watched our first hatchings of the year; 6 six fluffy yellow chicks, cracked out of their eggs and took their first steps in our kitchen.

Next came 7 fluffy yellow ducklings.

Just hours before Easter Day, Posie Cat delivered beautiful kittens!

In the barns, newborn rabbits and baby guinea pigs, playful baby white mice;

In the garden snowdrops, daffodils, magnolia, primroses daisies and celandine, and now bluebells; rhododendrons are showing colour, the apple, cherry, plum blossom are bursting out, soon to be followed by the wild garlic.

Easter! And the White Rabbit and The Chick came on Easter Sunday with an egg hunt, and games, including us racing up and down with eggs on spoons…..

Without fail, the buzz of new life and the cycle of seasons, never fail to give joy, but are now a much needed a tonic and balm in these most challenging of times.

… Mrs About-to-be-Broody Duck, has changed her mind, so we’ve taken over and popped her eggs in the incubator! Happy moments, away from life’s turmoil.

Thanks go to our guests and all here who made these weeks so much fun.

Dear reader, I hope your Easter was joyful and happy too.

Barbara, Barry, Laura and all here

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