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Update on Mr Goose

He's still feeling rather left out of things, with his fellow ducks (he thinks he's a duck - did I mention this before?) having family interests. These have now not only excluded him, but Mr Drake is being very unkind to Mr Goose! Sadly Mr D will have to go to Hatherleigh market. He should be able to find a good home, he's a good looking bird and in fine feather.

In the meantime we are expecting some goose eggs for hatching. Quite what Mr G will think of these should they hatch, I can't imagine. But he loves to look after baby birds. So happy days ahead for him.

If the geese eggs prove difficult Mr G will have to make do will some quail babies. They're lovely, but tiny...

The hens (and the duck) are laying well. About 10 eggs a day, and the days are not that long at the moment. So that bodes well for later on. With all the rain we have been having some of the eggs have muddy hen's footsteps on them. Today's were all clean though, hopefully this is another sign of drier days to come.

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