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Your Safety Is Our priority



we are carrying out a wide ranging, double cleaning viricidal program over and above our well known standard deep clean between lets.

After washing and rinsing with hot soapy water, flat surfaces and high touch areas will be given viricidal treatment. This will be light switches, all handles, push button, pull cords, electrical switches, remotes, walls, skirtings, windows, doors, door frames, kitchen equipment, etc. as well as worktops, wooden chairs, bathroom, mirrors and more.

Certain decorative items, surplus kitchen items, bath toys, spare bed linen, scatter cushions and throws have been removed from cottages.

Nursery items, except wooden cots, have also been taken out. If you have asked for any nursery items these will be left in your cottage.

If you would like any other items put back for while you are here, just let us know.

All crockery, cookware, glasses and cutlery will be dishwasher washed between lets even if clean.

In Lin and Hay Cottages, in the absence of a dishwasher, these items will be replaced between lets.

Sofas and curtains will be steam cleaned.

Towels and bed linen and mattress and pillow protectors will be laundered, at 60 degrees on a full wash, between lets, using professional antibacterial laundry powder.

A checklist of work done will be left in your cottage.

Once your cottage has been cleaned it will be locked and the key removed, so that we can be sure that nobody enters the cottage before you.

To reduce to a minimum any paperwork left in cottages, we will send you via your portal on our online booking system and also by email - arrival and departure information, information about your cottage including heating controls, bin days, recycling and so on.

We will also include information about the swimming pool and any rota that may be needed for using it, and any adaptions to our animal care routine according to social distancing rules in place at the time. We are confident that these measures can be carried out in a flexible and comfortably satisfactory way.

There is plenty of space for much more than social distancing in our grounds and gardens. With up to 5 acres of gardens, field and grounds, there is room for every cottage to have a find a comfortable space to themselves.

Toys from the playroom will be re-located to outdoors. The play room will not be available as things stand at the moment. We have a range of extra outdoor toys.

The laundry, games room and animal rooms will be open. The library won’t be but dvds can be brought to your door.

For the moment, to help us manage we have reduced the number of cottages we let each week from 9 to 6. At certain times we may have to ask you to arrive at 5.30pm and to leave by 9.30. I will keep you updated on this.

Cottages which have been unoccupied for 72 hours will be cleaned, as normal.

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Oct 28, 2020

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